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Buying Boats and Yachts in Hong Kong

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

There is only good news about buying boats in Hong Kong. Firstly because Hong Kong is one of the safest places to own a boat in Asia and probably in the world. Hong Kong has over 200 small islands in the waters nearby to cruise around, and there is a lot to go around in while you are boating.

Hong Kong has about 8 main marina clubs with high standard of management and professional services, and lots of government moorings to keep your boat if you wish not to be a club member. The berths in the marinas can be bought or rented, fairly easily.

About maintenance, Hong Kong has plenty of shipyards around, Aberdeen, Sai Kung, Causeway Bay and Shaukiwan areas. They provide all sorts of services for pleasure boats, and getting spare parts is easy. Many times you can get spare parts for engines and electronics off shelf from shops around Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau. There are also local dealers for almost all kind of electronics and gadgets that are used by all main manufacturers of boats.

Hiring a crew, is also not a difficult job here. Hong Kong surely has most professional boating crew who have good experience in taking care of pleasure yachts. English speaking crew are also available.

To buy a boat in Hong Kong, its obviously important that you contact a broker or agent, who will let you know the market values of the boat, and let you know the condition and quality of the boat honestly. If you are looking for a great bargain, then you have to be realistic and accept certain defects. If you are buying a used boat, it is wise to ask the agent to hire a professional marine surveyor from Hong Kong to do the survey before confirming the purchase. HK marine surveyors are very professional and they understand the issues and handling of the boats here much more than a surveyor overseas. So you will be cutting a lot of guess work if the surveyor knows the local know-how and understands how the crew maintained a certain boat.

If you are buying a new boat, it maybe a good idea to hire a surveyor. However some manufacturers do not welcome surveyors, as they don’t wish to be overlooked (usually European ones). However, a good surveyor can help the buyer and the factory, to find any defects which otherwise may have to be addressed after the boat has been shipped to HK. This will save the factory time and money.

Normally a good agent will explain and handle most of these matters, buyers however have to be realistic while paying the agent fair price for their services. Because their work and honesty can save the buyer lot of money and trouble in the future. For big transactions the buyers can also choose to hire a lawyer or solicitors to do a closing. However normally for small transactions of boats less than 80 footers for example, are done through the agent.

Last but not least, while you are shipping the boat overseas, do make sure that you know the tax procedures in your end, and have enough man power to unload your boat and deliver it to your location, and also be aware of the rules and regulations in your country while importing the boat.